Saturday, June 21, 2008

I couldn't wait to make my first update so...

First update!!!!!!!

Here is the first of many updates. May I remind you that these are clips and not full vids. I try to keep the vids over 30 seconds also. The link to download is at the end of the post. I appreciate your feedback and suggestions since I am new to this blogging thing. Enjoy!!!

Above is a preview of the first vid in my first post of my new blog.
A busty BBW gettin' her tits wet and exposing them. Nothing better...

Below are preview pictures of the other videos in this update. All ofthe vid CLIPS that I post are going to be uploaded to a zip file on rapidshare and are available for download. So without further adieu...

Peggy (from Discovery Health)

This is a popular vid and a classic for HUGE funbag lovers such as myself. Just look at the size of those things! BEAUTIFUL!!!! *Clip has no sound but I don't think that's a problem.

Busty Jeanette on Jenny Jones

Look at that cleavage!!!

For my first ass post.

In the future, I will post my tits and ass updates on seperate posts but this is my first so...

A HUGE, wet black ass courtesy of VERY NICE!!!!

A huge white ass being exposed from!!!

And many many more to come!!

Here is a preview clip of whats to come.